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Provides comprehensive assessment, treatment, discharge planning, other related clinical behavioral health services, and referrals for patients and their families. This assessment will involve the ability to interview, evaluate, organize, prioritize, communicate, document, and implement a safe, comprehensive, individualized, and cost effective plan of care and discharge plan.


Administer and evaluate Level of Care (LOC) assessments. Utilize assessment to plan treatment.

Utilize medical necessity criteria and LOC assessments in dispositions.

Develop treatment plan including attainable goals, measurable objectives, and discharge criteria.

Integrate collaterals and community supports in treatment planning. Access community services and resources.

Provide appropriate treatment modality – individual, group, family.

Demonstrate solution-focused approach; demonstrates knowledge of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), clinical disorders and psychopathology in general.

Demonstrate ability to form an effective therapeutic relationship. Maintain confidentiality regarding patient care; has knowledge of own personality dynamics and impact upon others, demonstrate openness to feedback, input from others, etc.

Conduct thorough mental status examination. Identify precipitating problems: symptoms; issues; biopsychosocial (physical, sexual, substance abuse).

Conduct comprehensive risk assessment.

Integrate information to formulate diagnostic impression.

Implement treatment plan, continually assess progress and change plan as appropriate.

Effectively demonstrate de-escalation of agitated patients.

Respond to situations-DTS, DTO, physical violence, crisis, and medical emergency.

Demonstrate appropriate crisis intervention strategies.

Formulate and activate crisis treatment goals and objectives.

Provide enhancement of clinical services to support the continuum of care.

Develop effective aftercare plans.

Demonstrate effective working relationships with peers and effective part of an interdisciplinary team. Maintain collaborative professional relationships; responsible for mistakes and his/her role in any conflict.

Assist and work with staff in the continuum of care.

Accept direction and supervision in conjunction with department policies and procedures. Seek out additional responsibilities.

Demonstrate knowledge of progression illness and patient response to treatment.

Demonstrate competency in presenting care reviews and coordinating care in team.

Maintain affiliation with appropriate professional or technical organizations. Maintain all relevant credentials.

Maintain educational and training to enhance clinical work and to meet licensing and hospital standards.

Document client information. Maintain current accurate documentation. Meet time lines.

Demonstrate ability to communicate clinical information clearly, concisely, and legibly.

Maintain records according to hospital and reviewers standards.

Level 2 – Proficient (in addition to above duties)

Lead healthcare team in development of treatment plans; work to assist new associates and other departments; demonstrates clinical competence, confidence and clarity in communication.

Coordinate ongoing treatment plans and progress; thoroughness and clarity of documentation is consistent and facilitates superior patient care.

Level 3 – Subject Matter Expert (in addition to above duties)

Develop and maintain Behavioral Health service program, drafting supporting policies, and procedures.

Act as resource person for other members of Behavioral Healthcare team. Assist in orientation and in-service training.

Participate in planning and implementing hospital-wide quality improvement initiatives.


Required: Minimum of a Master’s degree in behavioral health field.


Required: State of Arizona license provided by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.

Preferred: Current CPR and CPI certifications.


Required: 2 years behavioral health experience.

Preferred: Experience in inpatient behavioral health hospital providing behavioral health acute care services to seriously mentally ill individuals; experience with short-term solution based therapeutic interventions; crisis/Emergency Department experience.


Required: Self-directed, creative problem-solving skills; communication and teaching; organizational; interpersonal; team building and collaboration; psychosocial assessment; interview; documentation; identification of potential risk situations or potential liability; cultural sensitivity. Respectful and professional demeanor under stress.

Preferred: Bilingual—Spanish


Required: Quality improvement process, related health care practices and standards; knowledge and competency in providing care for seriously mentally ill patients; State regulatory requirements concerning duty to warn; abuse issues and involuntary patient disposition and court ordered treatment; individual, group, and family theory related to the care of at-risk behavioral health patients; principles and current practice of substance abuse treatment.

Preferred: Certification in substance abuse.


Required: Basic computer skills; personal technology tools; awareness of current use of technology in related field.

Preferred: Advanced computer skills.


Required: Must be able to transport self within the service area as required; when using own vehicle, must have valid Arizona Driver’s License and proof of insurance that meets the minimum standards of the State of Arizona; must be able to take call duty, weekend, holiday and evening/night shift as required.


Job: Laboratory and Clinical Technicians

Organization: Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital


Location: AZ-Tucson

Requisition ID: 2005029422