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Benchmark Room Attendant-Starting @ $15 hr. in Scottsdale, Arizona

Benchmark’s company culture is central to our management philosophy. The company’s stated purpose is “to provide an entrepreneurial environment where determined people dare to create, share, and build futures.

To be the “benchmark” by which all others are judged takes passion, courage, and dedication. We invite you to explore our extraordinary offering of unique opportunities, all with a common goal of providing an unforgettable journey.

Job Description Summary:

Responsible for cleaning rooms and facilities and job duties instructed by the Housekeeping Supervisor, Assistant Director of Housekeeping, and Director of Housekeeping.

Job Description:

  • The ability to follow payroll and key sign-out procedures.

  • The ability to clean mirrors, furniture, ash urns, elevators, and doors.

  • The ability to inventory and maintain the cleanliness of all linen closets and empty trash.

  • Work well with other staff members by planning and following a definite cleaning schedule this will enable work to go faster and smoother.

  • Follow instructions and training given by supervisor. Be cooperative and receptive to changes and helpful hints.

  • All lost and found articles must be turned in to a supervisor or the Director of Housekeeping.

  • The ability to spot clean furniture and carpets as instructed.

  • At the start of the work day, obtain work reports from supervisor and proceed to load cart with the supplies needed for the days cleaning.

  • The ability to assist in moving beds and furniture as requested.

  • The ability to offer assistance to guests when requested or needed.

  • The ability to report any maintenance deficiencies to housekeeping.

  • Following instructions given by Housekeeping supervisor on which rooms to clean first: example: 1) Clean O/C rooms first. 2) Go to “due-in” rooms and get them ready for check in. 3) Clean C/O rooms. 4) Clean all occupied rooms by 5pm.

  • Ensure all bathrooms and beds are cleaned in rooms.

  • Vacuum all rooms every day.

  • If there are no housepersons around, sweet patio, wipe down patio furniture, front door and light fixtures. Dust all light bulbs with a dry rag in all rooms.

  • Clean all mirrors and mop all tiled floors.

  • If any rooms are found occupied or are in use and not listed on reports, report to supervisor immediately.

  • Always make yourself available to help out another employee if you finish your section first.

  • Clean cart when finished for the day and stock up for the next day of work.

  • The ability to employ proper use and maintenance of all equipment and supplies.

  • The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.

  • The ability to complete any project assigned by the Director or Assistant Director of Housekeeping.

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