UMOM-New Day Center Early Childhood Teacher in Phoenix, Arizona

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Position Description: The Early Childhood Teacher is responsible for providing quality care and provision of services to all children enrolled at the Child Development Center. Quality care and provisions include meeting individual needs in the areas of mental, physical, and emotional development.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Provide quality care and provision of services to the children's needs; mental physical and emotional.Provide a clean, safe, nurturing environment.Maintain all Arizona DHS rules and regulations.Maintain daily records, sign-in/out book, attendance, CACFP meal count, accident and ouch reports. CACFP mealcount sheets must be completed and turned in to the Director at the end of each month.Plan and direct children's activities, lesson plans, and bulletin boards.Supervise children and center activities along with child care support staff.Supervise and participate in snack service, bathroom assistance and daily cleaning as needed.Help keep classroom and equipment clean and in good condition; report any needed repairs to the director.Report accidents, sickness and any parent/child problems to the Childcare Manager.Work effectively with volunteers.Maintain a positive parent/teacher relationship.Monitor snack distribution and clean up. Complete Meal Count and Attendance Form at meals and snacks.Supervise assistants and volunteers assigned to the classroom.Provide constructive feedback on developmentally appropriate practice to classroom staff.Contribute to the agency's accreditation.Comply with established agency policies and procedures.Attend the annual Civil Rights training to stay in compliance with the DOE Nutritional Meals Program.Pursue completion of Child Development Associate certification, unless already degreed in Early ChildhoodEducationAttend all training and professional development as required per federal grants and partnerships.Comply with all technology-related requirements.Compliance with all federally funded grant requirements.