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Northern Arizona Healthcare Laboratory Assistant 1 in Cottonwood, Arizona

The Laboratory Assistant is responsible for the collection and receipt of specimens, proper entry into the LIS computer, preperation of samples for analytical testing, and the distribution of specimens to the analytical testing areas. Responsible for arranging daily activities based on urgency of requests. This position is also responsible for point of care testing as assigned, and therapeutic phlebotomy procedures. The Laboratory Assistant is responsible for the clerical aspects of post analytical testing, and interacting with others using a variety of communication tools. Must handle bio-hazardous and infectious material while following universal precautions and OSHA guidelines.

Specimen Collection

  • Performs specimen collection and patient preparation ensuring correct patient and specimen identification per NAH policy.

  • Properly labels specimens at point of care followed by the Final Check protocol.

  • Properly collects blood cultures according to established procedures using aseptic technique to prevent contamination.

  • Collects blood bank specimens according to blood bank procedures.

  • Performs infection control techniques, using universal precautions.

  • Confirm specimen and patient requirements prior to collection.

  • Ensures specimen integrity by using appropriate techniques as required. (Ex. Protected from light and temperature control.)


  • Accessions specimens into LIS selecting the appropriate location, date and time of service.

  • Properly distributes specimens within the lab announcing STAT if applicable.

  • Uses two identifiers correctly to re-labels, and initial specimens with Cerner generated labels.

  • Keeps a well organized processing area and correctly prioritizes the upcoming draw times based on the priority of the collection (RT,STAT,TM,ASAP,AM) if working in the main Laboratory.

  • Manages the specimen pending list through out the shift and communicates follow ups with the next shift.

  • Aliquots and labels specimens according to established departmental procedures if needed.

  • Properly plates micro specimens as appropriate.

  • Checks quality of specimens and takes appropriate actions for unacceptable specimens.

  • Recognizes and provides input towards opportunities for improvements, to decrease cost, improve productivity, and improve service.

  • Performs other technical support functions as determined by the laboratory.


  • Enters data into LIS computer to ensure accurate documentation and billing.

  • Navigates through powerchart to print out patient requisitions, and confirm timed studies.

  • Identifies when to do a quick reg, full , or client bill.

  • Demonstrate the use of each applicable Cerner icons.

  • Completes documents legibly and accurately per site protocol. Uses appropriate documentation to record communications.

  • When appropriate places the specimen into recollect or cancels with proper documentation.

  • Pulls up a fax list daily and ensures faxes get completed timely.

  • Monitors a pending list and discusses at shift change.

  • Verifies patient demographics, insurance and diagnostic test information for all outpatient/outreach services.

  • Correctly logs in specimens into the correct location


  • Responsible for reporting any safety-related incident in a timely fashion through the Midas/RDE tool; attends all safety-related training programs; performs work in a safe manner; monitors work environment for possible safety issues and ensures others are also performing work in a safe manner.

  • Stays current and complies with state and federal regulations/statutes and company policies that impact the employee's area of responsibility.

  • If required for the position, ensures all certifications and/or licenses are up-to-date and valid prior to expiration dates.

  • Completes all company mandatory modules and required job-specific training in the specified time frame.

  • Ability to monitor patients for unexpected reactions and responds to emergency situations as required.


High School Diploma or equivalent (GED)- Required

Certification and Licensure:

Lab Assistant 2

National Phlebotomy Certification - Required


Approved phlebotomy training program - Preferred

Minimum of 1 year experience in the Laboratory- Preferred

Healthcare is a rapidly changing environment and technology is integrated into almost all aspects of patient care. Computers and other electronic devices are utilized across the organization and throughout each department. Colleagues must have an understanding of computers, and competence in using computers and basic software programs.

Requisition ID: 2021-8928

Street: 269 S, Candy Ln

Call Required: Yes

Full Name: First Last: ALLISON GREGG

Email Address:

Shift: Variable

Telecommute: No